Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week: Take Me As I Am

I’m actually quite sad that we’re coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2016. Writing about my experiences has been a great way to connect with so many of you and I’m eternally grateful for your kind words and support.

Unfortunately, this is my last blog post for the week, but I feel like I’m leaving in a better place than I started.

I think that part of the battle with mental health is coming to accept that there is no miracle cure. Until very recently, I believed that if I just made the right changes in my life that I could be happy again. For someone who hates change, this was quite traumatic as every year I moved house and changed my career path.

The fact is, I will be happy again. With the right help I could be stable for years, but whatever the diagnosis is this time, it will stick with me for life. I can learn to manage it, but I will always have to be careful.

But after this week I no longer feel like I have to hide away when I’m not feeling myself.

hiding under duvet illustration

Part of my problem is that I have always felt like talking about mental illness is attention seeking. Now I think that it’s empowering and the only way we can break the stigma.

I am not weak. I can’t just snap out of it. And I won’t lie about my condition for the sake of anybody else.

I am a fruit loop, and I’m proud.

fruit loop and proud postcard

Thank you for reading this week!



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