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How to get through Valentine’s Day without puking

If there’s one thing that will never ever change about me, it’s that I am totally anti-Valentine’s. I use it as a chance to give my bestie a super cute card (because we love to write each other essays about how much we love each other). But apart from that, I hate it.

true love

I hate red heart balloons, single red roses, PDAs, sitting in a row with 20 other couples in an Italian chain restaurant and feeling like you’re part of a factory line. I’m not totally against all generic love stuff – like flowers or trips out – but I definitely don’t want them on Valentine’s Day. I guess what I’m saying is I’m against having a prescribed day of love.

brand new bert illustration

My personal way of dealing with the trauma is shutting myself indoors, eating a big old pie and watching Die Hard.

So what’s a creative to do when she loves making cards but hates Valentine’s? Well, I’ve made a bunch of quirky, non-mushy cards. Each one is hand painted by me, is super unique and, in most cases, punny as well. Just click the image below to browse the range. You have until 10th Feb to order them!

full valentines collection

And just in case you forget a card but still want to acknowledge it’s Valentine’s Day without puking, I have the perfect way to say ‘Let’s tolerate each other’.

iphone download

Click the image above to download this iPhone background for your phone or as a surprise when your lobster picks up their phone on Valentine’s morning.


4 thoughts on “How to get through Valentine’s Day without puking

  1. I agree with you, I’ve never been into Valentine’s Day and the standars gifts are so generic, unoriginal, boring and, like you said, mushy. In Valentine’s day I usually make a card and give it to Victor, I’m deciding what to draw this year 😛

    Again, very on point and good post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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