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How To: Make Pretty Pastel Kitchen Utensils (without breaking the bank)

This year I want to share my extreme passion for DIY with you guys. I’m all for little hacks that don’t break the bank and mean that your home is that little bit more unique. I’ve been a DIY-er for as long as I can remember (I did everything myself for my wedding – even floristry!) and I’ve got some real corkers to share with you.

DIY lover
This has been described as “Ashleigh the lesbian DIY-er” Because homosexual stereotypes are ++

I’m going to start with a really simple one to get you in the swing of things:

DIY Pretty Pastel Kitchen Utensils

The finished product

What you’re going to need:

DIY kitchen utensils equipment



What you need to do:

  1. Measure how far up the handle you want your pretty colours to go
    Decide length of colour

2. Tightly wind masking tape around the handle, where you want a neat, diagonal line to be.

apply masking tape


3. Press down firmly on the tape, ensuring there are no gaps for the paint to get in

Get ready to paint


4. Grab your paintbrush and a paint palette if you need to mix colours like me. Otherwise open up your paint pot and get going!

Start painting your utensil


5. Paint away! Paint in the same direction as the diagonal you’ve created with the masking tape on flat utensils, and staight down on round utensils.
Paint in the same direction as the diagonal line


6. To keep your surfaces squeaky-clean pop the utensils into a pen pot while they dry.

Leave utensils to dry completely


7. When dry, carefully unwind your masking tape.

Reveal finished product


et voila!

Some super cheap but super pretty utensils ready to make meal time even more Instagrammable.

et voila

If you give this one a try, please share your creations in the comments!

Are there any particular DIYs you’d like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments




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