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Making Your Mumma Feel Special

I’m going to be super frank here, I love my Mumma. She is both mother and best friend and I call her basically everyday.

Bunch of flowers Mother's Day card

She is the utimate mother hen. She works so hard alongside caring for the entire family and is also a second Mumma to my friends. Basically, she’s a peach.

And that’s why I think Mother’s Day is special. I know that some people think it’s silly (I mean, I spent all of February hating on Valentine’s Day so I get where you’re coming from), but I genuinely think it’s worth sending a card, maybe some flowers and calling her up. These are lovely things to do all year round but if you’re not so good at expressing affection or you’re kind of poor like me, then make sure to do something special on March 26th!

Flower pattern Mother's Day card

I have two lovely Mother’s Day cards currently on my Etsy page that are fully customisable – you can literally pick the hand painted flowers so that they’re your mum’s favourites. There are also plenty of little, affordable gift ideas so have a browse if you’re stuck!



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