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How to: Make a Birthday Feature Wall

Hello again lovelies! It was my husband’s birthday this weekend just gone and I always get in cahoots with the Birthday Fairy to make the day super special. This year was no exception and I created a feature wall (partially to rub in the dreaded age of 25, partially because it’s super pretty).

It’s another simple one, but bear with me, there will be more technical DIYs coming up soon!

DIY Birthday Feature Wall

finished birthday feature wall

What you’re going to need:

what you're going to need

  • A pair of kitchen scissors
  • HB pencil
  • Eraser
  • Tack
  • Coloured card (mine’s in neon from Tesco)

What you need to do:

  1. Pick three to four different colours of A4 card

Different coloured card

2. Turn over to the side you don’t want to show up on the finished wall (handily mine are white on the back to make life easy!)

Turn the card over

3. Draw the numbers for the age of the person. Remember, you need to draw them backwards so that when you turn them over they’re the right way round!

draw numbers backwards

4. Cut around the outline you’ve just made for yourself

cut around the outline


5. Put your numbers to one side to start on the explosion shapes

finished numbers

6. Draw as many different shapes as you can think of in a variety of sizes. Not to worry if they’re not perfect, the more hand-drawn they look the cuter the display!

fill an a4 page with shapes

7. Repeat over 4 different coloured pieces of card and cut around the shapes

cut around your stencil

8. Gather all your shapes together and place a small piece of tack on the back of each individual piece

gather your shapes together

9. Carefully place your shapes around the numbers, keeping in mind the explosion effect

tack shapes to the wall

et voila!

Finished birthday feature wall

Show me your creations in the comments and let me know if they LOVED it!



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