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How to keep Father’s Day fresh

If you’re anything like me then you are bored stiff of Father’s Day cards with a golfer on, a football on it or even cards with various different gardening tools on them.

My dad is a cool dad. Yes he likes golf, yes he likes football, but after 23 years of sending Father’s Day cards don’t you think he’s maybe tired of seeing them on a card year in, year out?

So I’ve designed a Father’s Day range that’s a little bit different.

Father's Day Collection

As we all know, I’m a huge dino fan, so obviously a dinosaur theme card had to make it into the collection.

Dinosaur Father's Day Card

Then the little Star Wars nerd in me HAD to go for a little Darth Vader reference, but one a little less obvious than the usual “I am your father” theme.

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And for a more general, but still unique card, the “one cool dad” is hand lettered by me, so each one is ever so slightly different and can be personalised with any message you like.

One Cool Dad Father's Day Card

Let me know what you think! All of the cards above are available to buy from my shop.


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