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How To: Make Your Own Custom Noticeboard

So I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while now! I’m a big lover of a list for everything but I’m also super visual, so it helps me manage my workload to have my orders up on a board in my studio.

Luckily, what I’m about to show you is super adaptable as a content planner, order board, noticeboard or family organiser!

DIY Personalised Noticeboard

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What you’re going to need:


Equipment for DIY





What you need to do:

1. Measure and mark every 4 inches across the length of the board

mark every 4 inches

2. Measure the height of the board, divide into 3 and mark

divide the height of the board into 3

3. Take out your washi tape and ruler

take out your washi tape and ruler

4. Follow the marks you’ve made to guide you. You can use a ruler to get it perfectly straight, or if you’re loving that UO wonky grid pattern like me, go freehand!

use a ruler to guide you

5. After placing the line, run your finger along it, applying pressure so it is as flush to the board as possible

press down on the tape to keep it in place

6. Repeat on all, remembering to leave extra at the ends so you can tidy them later

repeat along the length of the board

7. Repeat length-ways, up until the last vertical line

make sure to leave the narrow column empty

8. Once you’re all done, it should look like this

leave a tab at the end of each to tidy up

9. Trim edges precisely and stick down

tidy up the edges so they are flush to the edge

10. Use as a content planner by adding dates and a title as shown

Blog content planner

11. Or as a noticeboard as below

Family noticeboard

12. Or as an order board like I do

Order board

Et voila! There you have a cheap, customisable and pretty noticeboard for your home or studio!

finished board on display

If you have a go feel free to share your marvellous creations in the comments or over on Instagram using #bertillustrationDIY




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