My 2018 Business Goals

So last year I set myself 11 goals, of which I completed 9. But I kept them to myself because they were very naive and actually I massively undersold myself.

goal getter

But this year I’m hoping you guys can help keep me accountable.

Without further ado, my goals for Bert in 2018:

Make 450 sales

Last year I predicted I’d make 50 sales, and I actually managed to outdo this by quite some way. Whilst I don’t really measure my success by amount of sales (because I love what I do and so much else gives me satisfaction), but I think it’s healthy to set yourself a challenge and to keep yourself accountable.

Reach 2500 followers on Instagram

I managed to cross the 1k threshold this year organically. I love my followers and you guys have supported me no end. I’m excited to grow our community and to meet more fellow creatives through the platform.

Reach 200 followers on Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook

My game on other social media platforms isn’t very good. I want to start using them in an authentic way, the way that I use Instagram. Hopefully this will help me to appeal to more people and get word out that Bert’s here!

Reach 100 email subscribers

My email list is my favourite thing. I love dropping in once a week and I also love the replies I get sent. It’s like taking your Instagram friendship to the next level and it’s so wonderful to get to know people from all over the world.

Make first printed product line

This was one of my failed goals from last year. I have designed lots of products that I can’t make myself and I think it’s finally time to take the leap and stock up!

Do a big craft fair

Last year I did Etsy Made Local which was lots of fun. I’d love to do a bigger craft fair with some of my absolute business idols.

Actually attend Blogtacular

Last year my parents bought me tickets and I ended up being extremely ill and not being able to go. But I have a ticket this year so fingers crossed all goes well!

Make half the amount of income I would need to go full-time with Bert

I have officially gone part-time (although the part-time “real” job has yet to emerge), so I want to make sure I’m not strapping my husband with all the financial responsibility. We really want to buy a house with a garden so little puppy can run around to his heart’s content (and so we can get another puppy – this mumma is broody!) I’d love to know that doing what I love is helping us achieve our other dreams.

So that’s me done! I’ve been quite ambitious, but I think I wasn’t ambitious enough last year. I’m also super goal oriented, and ticking things off the list gives me the biggest satisfaction ever.

I hope you can keep me accountable! What are your goals for the year ahead? What does 2018 look like for you? Please leave me comments with your amazing plans!


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