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Confessions of a Small Business Owner: The First Five Eps

So, the cat’s out of the bag!

The Confessions of a Small Business Owner podcast is coming out on 3rd July. So ahead of its release, I thought I’d give you a preview of my first five guests and their episodes!

Let’s start at the beginning…

Episode One:

Rachel Harrison from @onrshop

onrshop podcast episode

Rachel has been my idol for such a long time. She makes gorgeous products, is an expert DIYer (just check out her house renovations here) and uses her platform to connect with admirers and customers alike by sharing everything onrshop HQ.

In this episode we have the best chat about her business story, staying creative and how to protect your intellectual property.

It’s going to be a real treat! To find out more about Rachel and onrshop click here.

This episode airs 3rd July.

Episode Two:

Elle Berwick from @dotsandinkpots

Elle cover photo.jpg

Elle is relatively new to being a small business owner. At the time I interviewed her she’d just launched her Etsy store.

We talk expectation vs reality, taking the plunge and the terrifying prospect of starting out.

You can find out more about Elle and Dots and Ink Pots ahead of her episode here.

This episode will air 17th July.

Episode Three:

Michelle Kreussel from @thefoxintheattic

Michelle episode cover.png

Michelle makes stunning fabrics from her watercolour paintings. She seems to effortlessly juggle running a successful business and being a mum.

We talked all about managing a business and motherhood, working on literally no sleep and how being a puppy mumma isn’t quite the same thing (lesson learned!)

Find out more about Michelle and The Fox in the Attic here.

This episode airs 31st July.

Episode Four:

Stacey McEvoy from @webandnest

Stacey portrait

Stacey restores and sells vintage clothing online. She’s a great voice of reason on self care and cutting yourself some slack.

We talk working from home, stuffing your face with a kitchen right nearby, UK clothes sizing and mental health.

You can shop Web and Nest here.

Episode airs 14th August.

Episode Five:

Rosie Casson from @rosebudcasson

Rosie episode cover photo.png

Rosie creates beautiful illustrated jewellery and accessories inspired by her love of nature. She has two gorgeous cats that have totally changed her work routine.

We share stories of naughty but adorable pets, procrastination and managing a flexible work routine.

Find out more about Rosie here.

This episode airs 28th August (which also happens to be little pup’s 3rd birthday!)

So there we have it, the first five episodes of Confessions of a Small Business Owner. It’s a corker of a line up, right?!

I can’t wait to share more with you!


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